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Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
Liver Cancer
Rectum Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Lung Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Lymphoma Cancer
"Typhonium Plus is an alternative cancer treatment,
Typhonium Plus may help to combat cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body to fight cancer
Typhonium Plus may help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy."
Dr Ahmad, Malaysia
Breast Cancer stage IIIB - info update Oktober 2011
Ms Dian's Mother, 61 years - East Java, Indonesia

About a year ago, Ms. Dian's mother found two lumps: one lump in her armpit (a marble size) and the other one in her breast (50mm diameter). Her doctor told her that she had an advanced stage breast cancer. She decided to take Typhonium Plus®(TP) 3x2 capsules per day in early June 2011 and combine with chemotherapy cycle for several months. After 4 months taking TP, the lumps in the armpit disappeared completely and also the lump in her breast got smaller; she had no more pain.
“A must for cancer patient!”
“Thanking ALLAH for Typhonium Plus® miraculous healing”
“My physical condition has improved tremendeously!!  Thanks Typhonium Plus!”
Medan, Indonesia
N. Wijaya
Jakarta, Indonesia
Bali. Indonesia
Cervical Cancer Stage IV-  info update Des 2011
Mr. Suardi's sister 56 years - Jakarta, Indonesia

In early 2011, Mr. Suardi's younger sister had blood and foul smell in her urine. She was diagnosed with advance stage cervical cancer with poor prognosis if not treated well. The bleeding continued and weakened her physical condition. She then underwent radiation therapy (25 times). In June 2011, she took Typhonium Plus®(TP) 3x2 capsules per day to boost her immune systems during her treatment. Amazingly, five months after taking TP, her bleeding stopped and no more foul smell.  She felt good stamina and she can get back to her normal live (working & taking care of her children). She Thanks GOD for her healing.

Prostate Cancer Stage IV - info update Des 2011
Mr. Haryanto, 72 years - Bekasi, Indonesia

Back in 2010, Mr. Haryanto found difficulties in urinating. In October 2010, he was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer which was spread to his pelvic bone. Doctor suggested an operation to remove his prostate glands (prostathectomy). He was very reluctant to do so. On November 2010, he started taking Typhonium Plus®(TP) 2x2 capsules per day  plus Soladex (doctor's prescription). Amazingly! In April 2011, after 1.5 years, the catheter was finally removed. He's now able to urinate smoothly. His tumor marker (PSA) was down from 814 ng/ml (Oct 2010) to 0.3ng/ml (April 2011). Praise GOD for this healing. Mr. Haryanto is a very disciplined person. He adopt 100% healthy DIET as per our instructions and he has a very positive mental attitude to fight his cancer.

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   1. We do not substitute medical doctors. We advise you to seek proper medical help.
   2. We advocate the use of natural herbal formula towards your healing.
   3. We do not guarantee that the natural herbal formula can cure you of your cancer/tumor, but experiences of others showed that
       the herbs brought great relief and healing.
   4. Healing can only come if you lead a healthy lifestyle, free of stress (physical and mental) and take proper food. Having peace of mind
       and to believe in God is just as important as taking herbs or the right medical treatment

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So what is Typhonium Plus®?

Typhonium flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus is a herbal plant grows in East Asia as traditional medicine to combat cancer.  Typhonium Plus® is a formula of selective herbs extract which in synergy strengthening works of typhonium flagelliforme.  More info click here.

Typhonium Plus® may help patients recover from breast, lung, rectum, liver, prostat, kidney, bone, brain, leukemia, pancreas and cervical cancer.
How Does Typhonium Plus® Affect Your Body?
Typhonium flagelliforme extract and other herbs combine help in the detoxification of the blood system. Typhonium Plus® contains ribosome in acting protein (RIP), anti oxidant, and anti curcumin. Together triggered cells may in turn produce mediators that stimulate and strengthen other cells of the immune system of the body to combat the cancerous cells. Since the growth of cancerous cells is reversiblegiven the correct chemical stimulus and environment, this explanation is not far-fetched.

Our track record :
Since 2003, Typhonium Plus® helps thousands of cancer sufferers worldwide, mainly Indonesian people (from Aceh to Papua) and people from: Netherland, Belgium, UK, Spain, East Europe, United States, South America, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, HongKong and Taiwan.

Many gave positive feedback after taking Typhonium Plus®. Some patients felt increased level of energy, some felt less pain. Others could cope with milder side effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, others felt speed up recovery. For terminally ill patients, some have experienced improved quality of life and longer time to share with loved ones.

Typhonium Plus® is beneficial not only for cancer patients but also for healthy people. Some people may have higher risk of getting cancer due to environmental exposures, heredity or other factors. For those people, taking  Typhonium Plus® as a supplement (1 capsule daily), may help to enhance their body’s immune system and  increase level of energy.